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Larry Gandy is the Pastor of Life Church. Pastor Gandy graduated from Texas Bible College with a degree in Theology.

Pastor Gandy along with his wife, Judy Gandy, compassionately serve the congregation of Life Church. They are well respected in the Church, as well as, in the community.

Spanish Pastor

Ariel Diaz attended Christian Life College in Stockton, CA for 2 years where he received his associates in Theology. While in California Ariel met his lovely wife Miriam and the two were married in 2017.

Ariel and Miriam are a vital part of the leadership team at Life Church, leading our Spanish ministry, teaching a Spanish class on Wednesday nights, leading our outreach efforts, as well as being a gifted speaker and leader.

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Youth Pastor

Nick and Monica Beaird met in the youth group at Life Church and fell in love. They were married in 2007.

Under the direction of Nick and Monica, our students are challenged to be world changers! Our goal is to inspire our students with the Gospel message so that they will ignite their world with the flame of the Holy Spirit.

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Hyphen Director

College and Career Pastor

Jonah and Dinorah McElhaney lead our young adult ministry and they have done an incredible job. Having had previous experience as Youth pastors in Pittsburg, TX., Jonah and Dinorah were uniquely skilled at helping our young adults navigate the treacherous road between adolescence and adulthood.

With a Sunday morning class catered to their lives, Jonah and Dinorah challenge our young adults and with relevant teaching and practical tools necessary to live for God in today's culture.