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In 2012, as First Church Tyler, we launched Connecting Point Outreach Ministries as a means to connect with our city. It was our prayer that First Church would be that connecting point between God’s power and God’s people. Unfortunately we lacked the manpower and the means to make Connecting Point what it should’ve been.

As part of our rebrand, we completely redeveloped our outreach department. We divided our former outreach team into 3 different lifelines.

1) Connecting to God

2) Connecting to Life

3) Connecting to Purpose

At Life Church we believe everybody deserves the chance to experience love, friendship, laughter and family. Our mission is to be a lifeline in our community by connecting to people emotionally and spiritually.

In the Book of Esther we find the captivating story of an orphan girls rise from poverty to the palace. Hadassah began as a troubled young girl, having been orphaned at an early age. The shock of losing bot her parents could have destroyed her, but Hadassah had somebody who believed in her!

Mordecai took Esther into his home, and immediately he changes her name. Hadassah in Hebrew means a myrtle tree. It indicates a small future, and it also indicates that she’s stuck where she is. However, Mordecai decided to call her Esther which means star in Hebrew. A star isn’t bound to a certain limited future, nor is it bound to a certain place! Mordecai changed a young girl’s name, but really he changed more than that; he changed her perspective.

All her life, Hadassah believed that she would always be an orphan. Yet because Mordecai believed in her, she was able to see herself as Esther, a star with endless possibilities! Mordecai served as a life line for a young girl and enabled her to rise above her past and possess a great future! Our vision for LifeLine Outreach Ministries is to serve as that life line to our city, and help build others to realize their future is in God’s hand!

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