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King in a Cave is Pastor Joshua McElhaney's debut book. This book was written in 2015 as Pastor McElhaney was serving as the Assistant Pastor at Life Church.

It’s a beloved tale: young David rises from the obscurity of the shepherd’s field to seize the throne of Israel. But what is often forgotten is that as David walked away from Samuel with the anointing oil still dripping from his head, his royal destiny would not be fulfilled for over twenty years.  

Drawing from the examples of David and his own experiences, Joshua McElhaney speaks to the heart of ministers. Using illustrations from the life of one of Israel’s greatest kings, he demonstrates the importance of patience, trust, and submission in developing godly attitudes and strong ministries.

In the journey of this book, you will see how the successes, influence, and greatness of David’s kingship weren’t defined by how he handled the throne. His achievements came from how he handled the cave...


King in a Cave has sold over 500 copies and continues to make an impact across the world. This book has impacted many leaders and ministers across several denominations. It has been used in Bible College settings, in Bible schools overseas, leadership seminars and by Pastors to train their leadership teams.


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